Dog House Guide – Building And Buying


Dog owners need to consider a number of factors when either buying or building a dog house. As a member of the family, providing your dog with the best house should be of utmost importance. There are several things that must be considered when it comes to building or buying a dog house and this includes:

Number 1. Size

A Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Rottweiler and several other big dogs must have big houses while smaller breeds like Chihuahua will need smaller houses of course. The door doesn’t have to be based on the height of dog from the ground to top of its head or taller as it will just lower its head to enter the house. The width of the door however must be enough to accommodate the dog.

The width and height measurements could be adjusted if there’s a physical requirement. The house must be big enough for the dog to stand at their full height inside, move around and of course, lie down.

Number 2. Weather Conditions

Some dog house heater is made from hinged roofs, a feature which allows owners to raise the roof especially during humid and hot weather. This flexibility is providing adequate airflow that will flush out warm air and will allow fresh air or cool air to enter. In other cases, these roofs can be lowered as well which creates a smaller space for the dog and improve its ability to retain cold on hot day or heat during rainy or cold weather.

Asphalt shingles must be used if there’s enough insulation barrier that is separate the roof from the main area of the underground dog houses. Many house models come with slanted roof which ensures that water will drain away during rainy days. Owners have to steer clear of building or buying houses with peak style or barn type roofs as these would just attract wasps, hornets and several other insects that will then prevent heat retention.

Number 3. Doors

The front door of your dog house must be positioned to one side rather than in the middle. This is going to prevent your dog from being exposed directly to extreme weather conditions and several harsh environmental elements. Some models are also designed with removable doors or no doors at all. Using a door can help in keeping the dog house warmer especially during colder months. An awning type of cover can be used as well over the opening to have added protection and shade. Check out this website at and know more about dog boarding.


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